52nd Chapter

The Life of Despot Stefan Lazarević

Construction of the Resava Monastery


  • “He searched the forests and meadows and wastelands for a place to erect the desired family, the dwelling of silence. Having found the most fitting and best [place] where the home should be, and having prayed, he set to work and lay the foundation in the name of the Trinity, the universal deity. And therefore everywhere, in every haste and the most beautiful things and the most-holy most-skilled workers, the most experienced painters, if they existed anywhere, with much gold and floral decorations – and they even send off to the islands and everyplace – and thus with great and unspoken expense the house and the walls around it were completed and adorned, and the wonderful cenobitic settlements. And he gathered from all around aforethought and highly respected monks and settled them there. He also gifted and donated villages and vineyards, and more in all of his territories he gave, having signed. Day after day he gave treasures. He also made his sepulcher there, in which he was interred a short time later. He also gave much-valued icons, adorned with pearls and gold, and every type of ministering books and garments and vessels of plenty, with great pearls and decorated in gold, so much that it surpassed some abbeys on Mount Athos, and he also adorned them with every luminary, shining with gold of great brilliance. And what can I say what he gifted and adorned here.

  • And with the act of the Divine Liturgy the most holy service shall be performed, currying favor with the seraph. He summoned the patriarch, who was Kiril at the time, with the entire synod of Serbian archpriests, abbots and all other honorable lords, and also all those respectful – to the restoration of the temple, in the Holy Fifty Days, when the Holy Spirit descends on tongues of fire on the holy students of the Book and God. Many wretches also came to receive charity which was handed out ever unsparingly. Those who celebrated, righteous celebration by those who rejoiced, and it could have been said in the spirit of Solomon: the code renewed the peoples rejoiced, not only having consumed many animals, like there, but they gifted many presents. Hence this family started to grow in the year 6915, and before this year the pious lady Eugenia, the mother of the forenamed, passed away. Because she received this name of monastic honor and was laid to rest in her monastery, called Ljubostinja, [dedicated to] the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. The two edifices of the regal city that was mentioned previously, and the temple in Resava, in this days of her life she did not leave wanting, but confirmed with all the best bequests and care.”

    Translated Into English By Vuk Tošić